Living in Texas I am highly influenced by the traditions of artisans, ranging from wood workers and spur makers, to guilders and gunsmiths. As a Texan who lives on the Mexican-American border, I have also been unavoidably influenced by Narco Corridos, the politics of the border, and the ongoing cartel wars.

Although I come from a formal background in painting, I find the most conductive medium for constructing my narratives is through my woodworking practice. Works like Mi Vida Loca ( Gun Bar ) demonstrate a melding of both my painting and wood working, and exemplify my ongoing interest in the creation of narratives through objects.

Just as narco corridos tell the stories of the drug lords in song, I try to tell them through my sculptures. In scale, my work mimics the cartels’ larger than life exploits, and tries to tell the stories of their accumulation of status and power, of the transformation of poverty into wealth, of campesinos into drug lords.